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by DK (Author)
ISBN: 9780241477908
Publisher: Dorling Kindersley Ltd
Weight: 120g
Dimensions: 97 x 129 x 16 (mm)
Explore all the wonders of the ocean in one pocket-sized reference guide!From colossal whales to microscopic plankton, our vast oceans are teeming with a wide range of weird and wonderful plants and animals. This beautifully illustrated reference guide is perfect for budding explorers aged 9-12 to discover the secrets of this underwater kingdom! In this go-to reference guide, you'll find:- A clear, informative introduction to oceans - what they are, what creatures they hold, how they affect climate, and how humans are changing them - Divided into chapters based on habitats, from the coastline to the ocean floor - Presents information in bite-sized chunks for both avid and reluctant readers, supported by artworks that explain difficult concepts in a simple wayWith nearly 97% of the planet's water held in the oceans, there is an incredible variety of creatures that call the ocean home. This mini-encyclopedia explores all the different marine habitats from tidal pools, salt marshes, coral reefs and ocean floor ridges to name a few.

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