Book Fairs


Let Knowledge Tower take care of the logistics while you sit back and enjoy!

We offer a wide selection of books tailored to meet individual interests and reading levels. It's like having your very own custom-made book-shop!

Unleash Student Choice and Foster a Love for Reading through Knowledge Towers Book fairs.  give students an opportunity to make choices by themselves rather than having decisions imposed upon them. Book fairs open the doors to student agency allowing students to pick storylines they can relate to and experience a world of adventure - it's entirely up to them! When they get to make such choices, they are more likely to find the joy in reading and begin thier ‘reading for pleasure ‘journey. 

Top  three reasons to host school KNT  bookfair: 

  • One of the primary objectives of our book fairs is to boost literacy and expand libraries in the school, classrooms, and homes. Our book fairs not only  allow students the opportunity to purchase books for their personal collections, but schools can  also earn rewards through successful book fairs which can be used to further enhance literacy efforts.

  • Book fairs offer several important benefits in terms of helping students to increase their reading and comprehension skills. Not only does it provide opportunities for students to build their home libraries and become immersed in the reading process, but it can also help them expand their vocabulary and knowledge base in preparation for learning more complex concepts in school. Making reading a family activity  can also provide an excellent opportunity for families to come together and engage in shared reading experiences that are beneficial for student development.

  • A book fair is a great opportunity to reach beyond the  school gates and into the wider community. Invite families and local schools to   participate in the event and spread the joy of reading

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