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Knowledge Tower

 Developing schools for a sustainable future through educating,  discovering and connecting. 

Our Story

Our story began in 2009, with the opening chapter in Dammam. At the heart of our vision, was and is raising educational standards.
We aim to provide a distinct and innovative world class educational service supporting schools to deliver excellence.
Schools are at the forefront of developing and nurturing global citizens, who can problem solve through critical thinking skills and collaborative team work. At Knowledge Tower we provide the educational resources to facilitate academic excellence.

Whether you are delivering an IB, Common Core or UK curriculum we have the resources to support you. From engaging text books, library collections and assessment tools to school furniture, stationary and continued Professional development: Knowledge Tower has the answer for all your educational needs.

Our Vision:

‘Developing excellence in schools through the provision of educational resources to nurture and inspire lifelong learners’

Our Mission

‘Creating an Innovative Future for Contemporary Education’
‘To provide the best resources which enhance educational experiences and make learning fun and meaningful, connecting learners with authentic, lasting experiences’

Our Educational Philosophy

Our Philosophy is to create 21st century learners who can become independent, inquisitive, innovative explorers - ready for tomorrow’s world - At KNT we believe in Phenomena based education, through a process of discovery, educating and connecting. 


At Knowledge Tower we believe in the acquisition of knowledge through a content rich curriculum which engages students through a process of discovery.


At Knowledge Tower we believe Education begins and ends with igniting student curiosity and passions.


At Knowledge Tower we believe connecting learning to real experiences enables children to gain a more concrete understanding of curriculum content.

Evidence from OECD (2002) found that reading enjoyment is more important for children’s educational success than their family’s socio-economic status. Clark and Rumbold (2006) argue that reading for pleasure could be one important way to help  raise educational standards.

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