LEGO Amazing But True - Fun Facts About the LEGO World and Our Own!
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by Elizabeth Dowsett (Author) , Julia March (Author) , Catherine Saunders (Author)
ISBN: 9780241531648
Publisher:Dorling Kindersley Ltd
Weight: 900g
Dimensions: 281 x 221 x 19 (mm)
An eye-popping fact book with a LEGO twist - discover amazing information about the world around us with the help of LEGO minifigures and bricks!Did you know a Goliath spider weighs the same as 75 2x4 LEGO bricks? Or that LEGO bricks and minifigures in various forms have travelled to Saturn, Mars, and the International Space Station? And did you know the Taj Mahal gets a mud pack treatment to remove pollution stains? Or that hummingbirds are the only birds that fly backwards? From unbelievable space and nature facts, to mind-boggling inventions and technology trivia, children will be amazed and entertained with incredible information about the LEGO world and our own. (c)2022 The LEGO Group.

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