Bee-Bot®/ Blue-Bot® Docking Station 2
Code : IT10213

A USB rechargeable docking station for up to six rechargeable Bee-Bots® or Blue-Bots®.
This docking station is not only easy to carry around your setting, but is an excellent storage device for a class set of Bee-Bots® or Blue-Bots®. You'll be able to charge your Bee-Bot(s)® within half a day for approximately 4 hours of normal use. Wall mountable.
345.00 SR 345.0 SAR
Bee−Bot® Pen Holders
Code : IT10114

Now Bee-Bot can draw with this Bee-Bot pen holder!
These coloured shells are made from a high quality plastic that is designed to withstand everyday school life.
25.00 SR 25.0 SAR
Blue-Bot® Programmable Floor Robot
Code : IT10082

The Blue-Bot® programmable floor robot is the perfect place to start for teaching control.
The Bluetooth functionality means you can wirelessly control it with your tablet or PC.
539.99 SR 539.99 SAR
Blue−Bot Programming TacTile Reader
Code : IT01118

A unique and extremely fun way to program Blue-Bot.
Place your instructions on the tile reader, press go and see Blue-Bot complete the program!
724.99 SR 724.99 SAR
CodeBee-Bot® Programmable Floor Robot
Code : IT10077

Description :
Bee-Bot® is a perfect starting point for teaching control, directional language and programming.
Along with a memory of 200 steps, Bee-Bot® can detect another Bee-Bot® or Blue-Bot® and say hello.
410.00 SR 410.0 SAR
Easi-Scope Rainbow Microscopes
Code : IT01120

A set of colourful hand-held microscopes to see everyday items close up.
Simply plug into a laptop or PC. Windows and Mac compatible software provided. Features 43x magnification and an LED light.
245.00 SR 245.0 SAR
Easi−Scope Wireless Microscope
Code : EL00470

Be amazed by how easy it is to use this hand held digital microscope that can be controlled through your tablet!
Watch the awe and wonder as children see a bug magnified up to 43 times on screen! Attaches to a computer via USB and includes its own LED lighting system. Take videos or still images, using the single control button.
630.00 SR 630.0 SAR
Fairy Tale Activity Tin
Code : IT10128

The versatile Fairy Tale Activity Tin contains accessories to use with the Fairytale Bee-Bot mat.
Quick and easy to get started with when planning time is limited.
124.99 SR 124.99000000000001 SAR
Magnetic Polydron Maths Set
Code : EY06872

A set of colourful magnetic shapes that are easily joined to create a variety of shapes and patterns in 2D and 3D.
1,325.00 SR 1325.0 SAR
Numbers Bonds
Code : CZKG082

Description :
Numbers Bonds
30.00 SR 30.0 SAR
Phase Six Kit
Code : LI00843

This kit will encourage children to become ever more fluent readers and increasingly accurate spellers.
Engaging resources to ensure children know the common grapheme-phoneme correspondences and can read a wide range of words.
1,200.00 SR 1200.0 SAR
Plastic Trundle Wheel with Counter
Code : MA00610

Make measuring and recording fun and easy with these excellent value trundle wheels!
Each includes a non-slip rubber wheel, multiple adjustment handle and a detachable counter to count the number of wheel revolutions.
124.99 SR 124.99000000000001 SAR
Polydron Magnetic Drivers Construction Set
Code : 708-027889

Encourage children to design and create their own vehicles with this magnetic Polydron Construction Set.
Featuring wheels and people, children can develop coordination and problem solving skills as they build and construct!
1,010.00 SR 1010.0 SAR
Rugged Robot Single
Code : IT10000

Bee-Bot® is a perfect starting point for teaching control, directional language and programming.
Along with a memory of 200 steps, Bee-Bot® can detect another Bee-Bot® or Blue-Bot® and say hello.
724.99 SR 724.99 SAR
Science Trolley - Human Body
Code : ST1675

Description :
Each covering an entire curriculum area, our Key Stage 2 Science Trolleys are designed to contain all the resources you will need, neatly arranged in a handy, drawered storage trolley - less prep-time means more teaching time. Although ideal for home-schooling environments where space is often at a premium, these sets are perfectly tailored for any schools teaching the current Key Stage 2 science curriculum, and will excite and enlighten any budding scientists.
3,000.01 SR 3000.01 SAR
Teaching Tablet Single
Code : IT10268

This 8" Android 9.0 (Pie) tablet is the perfect size and price for your classroom.
With a front facing (2.0 MP) camera, rear facing (8.0 MP) camera with flash and HD video recording capabilities.
724.99 SR 724.99 SAR