A-Z 1-5 Coordinate GeoBoard Activity 6"x6" Single Sided Board
Code : MAC048

Geoboards Classpack: Offer opportunities for hands-on exploration of geometric concepts including shapes, symmetry, congruency, area, perimeter, coordinates, and spatial relationships. Sturdy plastic geoboards in assorted colors feature a 5 x 5 grid with umbrella-head pins to keep rubber bands in place as students create designs. Includes rubber bands. Grades K+
8.00 SR 8.0 SAR
Code : MAC009

Description :
ATTRIBUTE BLOCK GEOMETRY SET attribute shapes make for fun sorting and easy clean up..
GREAT FOR PRESCHOOL ACTIVITIES: Our attribute blocks help teach early learners sorting, matching, and shape identification while providing quiet entertainment for young ones..
50.00 SR 50.0 SAR
Base Ten Flats: Plastic - Set of 10
Code : 841971103204

These plastic Blue Base Ten Blocks provide concrete models that give meaning to place value and operations of whole numbers, decimals, and algebra concepts. Set of 10. Each flat measures 10cm x 10cm x 1cm.
25.00 SR 25.0 SAR
Base Ten Units
Code : MAC041

Description :
Help your students master the fundamentals of place value, regrouping in addition/subtraction, multiplication/division.
20.00 SR 20.0 SAR
Contemporary Kitchen
Code : HC48817184

Description :
Our modern and the perfect way to cook, bake and mix up some imaginative play. This charming set features working turn dials, taps, doors and a printed 4-piece hob. Reconfigurable to any layout, each piece can be placed however would fit your space best.
3,340.00 SR 3340.0 SAR
ETA Hand2mind 323 Base Ten Blocks Green ManipuLite Foam Flats Set of 10
Code : ETA323

TEM ~ ETA Hand2Mind 10 Pack Base Ten Flats Green Foam Manipulatives Lot of 3.
25.00 SR 25.0 SAR
Elementary Plastic Pan Balance
Code : MA0973

Description :
This strong and durable pan balance features translucent 500ml graduated pans.
Sliding compensator calibrates the scales.
75.00 SR 75.0 SAR
Gratnells Antimicrobial Tray Deep Green
Code : FU11511GR

Description :
For greater infection control the trays known for standing up to rigorous daily use are now available with a built-in Antimicrobial protection.
The antimicrobial protection is introduced to the trays during the manufacturing process to provide built-in protection against the effects of microbes.
50.00 SR 50.0 SAR
Group Play Table Multibuy Offer
Code : HC48789091

Description :
Buy the Group Play Table and Lid Together!
The big one for sand and water play!
1,670.00 SR 1670.0 SAR
Ideal School Supply Primary Balance Teaching Scale
Code : 13587186722

Measure mass and volume. Perfect for solid and liquid measurements.
- Removable, see-through buckets with pouring spouts
- One liter capacity
60.00 SR 60.0 SAR
Illuminated Sensory Glow Pebbles 12pcs
Code : EY07307

A set of 12 rechargeable illuminated pebbles that can be stacked and rolled for engaging sensory learning
1,044.99 SR 1044.99 SAR
KICK BANDS fidget bands for chairs & desks
Code : 4332487867

Description :
Studies show that physical activity helps to increase focus and attention while sitting, especially for kids and teens with ADHD. Teachers and parents now have the perfect solution for kids that need to wiggle while they sit. Kick Bands provide quiet sensory-motor input to help self-regulation in class or at home.
15.00 SR 15.0 SAR
Kid K'NEX Construction Set
Code : TKXKD

Description :
Help children understand the concept of construction whilst using the K'NEX system which has been scaled up for little hands.
Booklet of 17 models offers endless possibilities to explore ‘alien’ life forms that are out of this world!
545.00 SR 545.0 SAR
MONEY COINS - Collection
Code : MAC046

Description :
40.00 SR 40.0 SAR
Medium Parachute D3.5m
Code : FPARA23

Description :
This bright and colourful parachute, perfect for larger groups of children, will help promote the working together ethos.
160.00 SR 160.0 SAR
Metallic Basket Collection
Code : EY10440

Delve into this luxurious, shiny treasure trove full of open-ended possibilities.
Explore the shapes, peer into the reflective surfaces, stack, roll and make discoveries. Transport the collection or even climb inside the soft basket.
1,040.00 SR 1040.0 SAR
Multicoloured Squidgy Sparkles Shapes 12pk
Code : MSSH

Tactile, squidgy shapes filled with a translucent coloured glitter gel.
Children will enjoy playing with these colourful, glittery, sparkly shapes, whilst learning shape recognition at the same time.
185.00 SR 185.0 SAR
Multicultural Djembe Drums and Shakers 12 Players
Code : MES0609

Description :
This colourful pack will give your class the perfect introduction to drumming and rhythm work.
Ideal for whole class music lessons. All handmade from sustainable materials. Contents may vary.
2,085.00 SR 2085.0 SAR
Pink No Sting Playballs
Code : PE02103

Excellent for children to play volleyball, without them damaging or stinging their hand from the impact of the ball.
Children can develop their knowledge of the sport by learning how to hit the ball correctly!
32.00 SR 32.0 SAR
Plastic Base Ten Cube
Code : MAC038

Help your students master the fundamentals of place value, regrouping in addition/subtraction, multiplication/division, and algebraic concepts with this cube that represents the numeral 1,000! Measures 10 cm3.
25.00 SR 25.0 SAR